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Summer BBQ

Armenian Grilled Vegetables – KHOROVATS

Khorovats are Armenian grilled vegetables that are perfect for outdoor entertaining. They are very easy to make and you can serve them on a platter or as a grilled vegetable salad. This article for Khorovats Armenian Grilled Vegetables was originally written for Curious Cusiniere. What are Khorovats Vegetables? Grilling is the favorite pastime in Armenia. …

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Creamy Baba Ganoush (Healthy Eggplant Dip)

This smooth and creamy baba ganoush is very easy to make. The popular eggplant dip has a mild flavor with a hint of tahini, lemon, and garlic and is absolutely perfect served as an appetizer at a dinner party. It also makes for a delicious healthy snack. What is Baba Ganoush? Baba ganoush is a …

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Potato Cucumber Salad with Dill and Garlic

This potato cucumber salad is absolutely perfect for spring, summer, and early fall. It’s great for weeknight dinners because it’s super fast and easy to make and it’s also perfect for BBQ parties and gatherings. The best part is that to make this salad you only need a few budget-friendly ingredients: small baby potatoes, cucumbers, …

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80 Healthy Party Appetizers, Dips & Spreads

In this post, you will find 80+ healthy party appetizers created by the best food bloggers. The list includes popular party food recipes for adults and kids such as finger foods and small bites, meatballs, chicken wings, and wing alternatives, dips and spreads, hummus, cheese boards, and more! Why Prepare Healthy Party Appetizers? We do …

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German Cucumber Salad – 2 Dressing Options

German Cucumber Salad with dill, aka Gurkensalat in German, is the perfect budget-friendly side dish for family dinners, parties, and potlucks. This popular German recipe has plenty of flavorful dill and can be dressed in a vinaigrette or sour cream dressing. German cucumber salad is a very popular side salad in Germany and is usually …

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