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Peach Salsa with a Secret Ingredient

This fresh and flavorful Peach Salsa is made with juicy peaches, onion, bell pepper, fresh herbs, and a homemade dressing. Great as an appetizer with chips or as a condiment paired with grilled meats and seafood.

Peach salsa in a bowl standing on a kitchen towel.

Here in Ontario, peaches are in season in August, so you can find beautiful peaches picked at their prime basically anywhere peaches are usually sold. They are sweet, succulent, and super cheap this time of year. You can get boxes full of gorgeous peaches for just a few dollars.

That may seem like a lot of peaches but no worries. This amazing homemade peach salsa recipe is a tasty and resourceful way to put those fresh peaches to good use.

What sets this peach salsa apart from the rest is the addition of fresh mint and a fiery ginger dressing. The sweet peaches combined with cool mint and spicy ginger create a flavor combination that is next-level delicious.

This homemade salsa is delicious paired with various things like grilled chicken, pork, steak, fish tacos, etc. It also tastes great added to sandwiches and wraps as a sweet and spicy condiment.

So stock up on some peaches while they’re still in season, and let’s make some salsa!

Why You’ll Love This Peach Salsa Recipe

  • It puts an edge on classic peach salsa. This recipe combines peaches with ginger (my secret ingredient!), mint, and classic Mexican flavors.
  • This fresh salsa is next-level delicious. The sweet peaches pair perfectly with the savory and spicy flavors, but the ginger is what really makes this peach salsa stand out.
  • This fresh peach salsa recipe is versatile. It’s great served as an appetizer, condiment, salad topping, and so much more.
  • Making salsa from scratch is so much tastier, and you can guarantee it is healthy and doesn’t contain any mystery ingredients.

Peach salsa in tow bowls. Top view.

Ingredients You’ll Need

For the Salsa:

  • Peaches: Peaches are at their best when they have a little give when squeezed. I do not recommend using canned or frozen peaches for peach salsa.
  • Red Onion: Diced onion adds contrasting savory, mild onion flavor and a bright pop of color.
  • Red Bell Pepper: Diced bell pepper adds texture, sweet heat, and color.
  • Parsley: Chopped parsley brightens and balances all of the flavors.
  • Mint Leaves: Chopped mint adds subtle, minty flavor and enhances the sweetness of the juicy peaches.

For the Ginger Dressing:

  • Fresh Ginger:  Grated ginger gives this peach salsa a warm, spiced, and pleasantly peppery flavor.
  • Olive Oil: Extra virgin olive oil is neutral tasting and a good base for simple dressings.
  • Lemon: Freshly squeezed lemon juice adds a splash of citrus, brightening all of the flavors in this salsa. You can also use fresh lime juice.
  • Pinch of Salt (optional): You can add a pinch of sea salt to enhance the flavor.

How To Make Homemade Peach Salsa

  1. In a large salad bowl, add diced peaches, onion, bell pepper, parsley, and mint. Set aside while you prepare the dressing.
  2. In a separate small bowl, add grated ginger, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. Mix well to combine.
  3. Pour the dressing over the peaches and veggies. Toss gently until all ingredients are evenly distributed and coated in dressing. Refrigerate covered until ready to use. Serve chilled.

Recipe Tips

Are your peaches not quite ripe enough? That’s okay. Set them on the kitchen counter away from direct sunlight, and they will soften within a day or so.

Once peaches have become soft and ripe, they tend to over-ripen and spoil quickly. As soon as they are ripe, transfer peaches to the refrigerator to extend their shelf-life.

Dice the peaches and veggies into the same small size and shape, so all of the contrasting flavors and textures blend together perfectly in each bite.

Peach salsa in two bowls.

Flavor Variations

Mango and peaches can be used interchangeably in this recipe, or you can use a mixture of both and make a yummy peach-mango salsa.

Kick up the heat. For a spicier salsa, you can add cayenne pepper or minced jalapenos, and if you’re super brave – a minced habanero.

Add avocado to this recipe to make a peach avocado salsa.

Quick Fresh Peach Freezing Tip

Peach season is short and sweet, so now is a good time to stock up and stash some in the freezer. Freezing fresh fruit is super easy.

First, wash and dry the peaches well. Next, cut the peaches however you like and lay them out over a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Transfer to the freezer until the peach pieces are frozen solid, and then transfer to a freezer-safe bag to have summer peaches all winter long.

How to Serve Peach Salsa

The beauty of this sweet, savory, and spiced salsa is it pairs well with a variety of different foods. Having a batch prepared at all times comes in handy for so many things:

  • Serve this delicious peach salsa with tortilla chips, fried pita chips, or sweet potato chips for a sweet and salty healthy snack or appetizer.
  • Add it to tacos, wraps, or spooned over nachos.
  • Serve it with grilled chicken kebabs or any grilled meat or seafood.
  • It also tastes great as a side with grilled or pan-fried seafood like rainbow trout.

Storing & Freezing

  • Storing: Store leftover peach salsa in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days. Give salsa a quick stir and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to freshen it up before reserving.
  • Freezing: is not recommended. Fresh peach salsa can be frozen, but it won’t have the same fresh texture once it thaws.

Peach salsa in a bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select peaches for peach salsa?

Ripe, soft peaches are the best for peach salsa. Give your peach a gentle squeeze. If it has a little give and you leave an imprint, it’s perfect. Avoid overripe peaches as they will fall apart, and the salsa will be watery.

Should I peel peaches for peach salsa?

It’s not necessary to peel peaches for peach salsa, but you can do it if you want to.

What else can I add to peach salsa?

You can add any of the following to fresh peach salsa; tomato, onion, avocado, mango, pineapple, corn, beans, berries, cilantro, honey, etc.

What can I make with overripe peaches?

If you have some overripe peaches on hand, try this Healthy Peach Crisp Recipe.

Peach Salsa

Peach Salsa with a Secret Ingredient

Yield: 6 portions
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

A very easy Peach Salsa recipe. Peaches taste great in salads and salsas too and this recipe will help you start using peaches in a slightly different way.


  • 4 peaches, diced
  • 1/3 red onion, thinly sliced
  • 1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced
  • 3/4 cup chopped parsley
  • 20 mint leaves, chopped

For the dressing:

  • 1-inch long piece of fresh ginger, grated
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • pinch of salt - optional


  1. Place the peaches, onion, red bell pepper, parsley and mint into a salad bowl.
  2. In a separate small bowl, mix together the grated ginger, olive oil, lemon juice and salt (if using).
  3. Pour the dressing over the peaches mixture and toss to combine.


1. Keep in the fridge for up to 48 hours in a glass container with a tight lid.

Nutrition Information
Yield 6 Serving Size 1/6 of recipe
Amount Per Serving Calories 96Total Fat 4.6gSaturated Fat 0.7gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 4gCholesterol 0mgSodium 54.5mgCarbohydrates 13.4gFiber 2.7gSugar 10gProtein 1.6g

Nutrition facts provided on this website are an estimate and not guaranteed to be accurate. Please see a qualified health care provider for personalized diet advice and make sure that each of the ingredients is allowed in your diet.

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