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Armenian Lentil Dish – Mshosh

Mshosh is a simple Armenian lentil dish made with dried apricots and walnuts. This budget-friendly recipe is easy to make, flavorful, and very filling. This article for Mshosh Armenian Lentil Dish was originally written for Curious Cuisiniere. The legend has it that Mshosh is one of the oldest Armenian recipes. It’s usually prepared during Lent …

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How to Cook Rutabaga: 3 Easy Recipes + Tips & Tricks

Learn how to cook rutabaga in 3 different ways! Rutabaga is delicious, inexpensive, and very versatile. In this post, I am showing you how to make roasted, boiled, and mashed rutabaga. What is Rutabaga? Rutabaga is a cross between cabbage and turnip. It’s a large round root vegetable with yellow flesh. Rutabaga has been around …

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Peperonata (Italian Stewed Bell Peppers)

This flavorful peperonata is made with a perfect blend of fresh ingredients. It’s a healthy and simple dish that you can serve in many different ways. What is Peperonata? Peperonata is a stew made with bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, olive oil, and garlic. It’s a popular Italian dish and has a few regional recipe variations. …

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Fall and Winter Baked Fruit (No Added Sugar!)

This healthy, baked fruit dish is delicious and very easy to make. It fills your home with the wonderful aroma of cinnamon and baked apples and makes dealing with the grey, cold weather so much easier. This fruit bake is made without added sugar and is only lightly sweetened with raisins. If you love hot …

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