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Clean Eating BBQ Menu Recipe Ideas

It’s getting warmer and this means it’s time to turn on your grill! Have you ever tried to prepare a healthy BBQ dinner? It’s easier than you think!

I put together a clean eating BBQ menu of my favorite healthy summer recipes that don’t include oversized hamburger buns and enormous amounts of meat (and no, BBQ dinner is not a meat grilling fest).

Picture collage of verious dishes. Text overlay saying: Healthy recipes for summer BBQ.

The menu includes not only grilling recipes but healthy recipes for dishes that can be served at a summer BBQ party. I know most people have their BBQ favorites and might not be ready to give them up even if these dishes aren’t particularly healthy.

Instead, I wanted to offer you some healthy recipe ideas that you could incorporate into your BBQ menu to make it more healthy overall.

Healthy BBQ Menu Recipe Ideas

This clean eating BBQ menu includes:

• 2 condiment recipes;

• 2 appetizer recipes;

• 5 salad recipes;

• 1 grilled meat recipe;

• 1 grilled vegetable recipe;

• 1 dessert recipe;

• 2 drink recipes.

All the recipes are found here on the blog. Just click on the "Get Recipe" button and a new window will open where you will find the recipe and detailed instructions on how to make it.

Condiments & Salsas

Condiments make everything taste better, but they can also be loaded with hidden sugar and unwanted additives. Think beyond ketchup and mustard and make something new that will help enhance the flavor of other dishes.


Appetizers are small bites that are great to snack on before the main course is ready. Sliced fresh vegetables with dips make the perfect appetizers for summer outdoor parties. If you want to make something extra, try crostini or a fun dip.


Salads make the best side dishes for a BBQ dinner. They are light, easy to make, and you can also often prepare them in advance. Here I have five salad recipes for you to choose from. I usually make two different salads for our BBQ dinner parties.

Main Dish

Grilled meats, fish, poultry, or vegan alternatives are, of course, the highlight of the show at any summer BBQ dinner party. When planning the main dish, think beyond burgers and sausages and consider trying something new.

Side Dish

Summer vegetables are perfect for grilling. Just rub them with a little bit of olive oil, and they are ready for the BBQ. Try zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggplant, bell peppers, asparagus, corn, and more!


There is nothing more healthy and beautiful than summer fruits and berries. In addition, with all the prep work you have to do to organize a BBQ party, you might not have any more time or energy to make a dessert. And if you do, try a fruit or berry crisp!


On a scorching day, drinks and ice might be the most important parts of your clean eating BBQ menu. I love making homemade drinks for dinner parties. They are a lovely unexpected touch and are always well received.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.