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Fall in My Neighborhood

Rowanberries and leaves. The sky in the background.

I absolutely love my neighborhood.

I would even say that I live in the best neighborhood in Toronto, but I know that many Torontonians are not going to agree with me.

You see, Torontonians are really fond of their neighborhoods. They would give me hundreds of reasons why their neighborhoods are better than mine.

And I have to agree that there are many nice neighborhoods in Toronto, each with its unique charm and character, which is surprising for such a big city.

I believe that if you want to feel healthy, happy, vibrant, and alive, it’s really important to love your neighborhood.

It should be a place where you can go for a walk, where you can relax and enjoy, a perfect place to un-busy your life – do less and be more…

A few days ago, I took the camera on my walk around my neighborhood and the pictures are just too beautiful not to share.

Here are some of the pics. Please visit my Flickr Page by clicking here to see the whole album.

A small maple tree beside a sidewalk. Green trees amd a house in the background.

Toby is always happy to go for a walk.  He doesn’t really like to pose for the camera because I make him sit still:

Dog sitting on green grass.

Leaves are everywhere:

Close up of red and yellow maple leaves.

Canadian fall is beautiful, eh?

Close up of red maple leaves.

I love fall flowers:

Close up of red fall flowers.

My neighbors really enjoy decorating their house for Halloween:

Halloween figures sitting on straw.

Notice the snake on the guy in the middle:

Three large halloween figures sitting on straw.

These two look really tired:

Two halloween figures sitting on straw. A pumpkin to the left.

Check out my Flickr Page for more!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.