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Crunchy Pineapple Coleslaw [No Mayo]

This pineapple coleslaw is a great way to add fresh produce to your dinner table. It works really well with fish, meat, and vegetarian based dishes. In addition, it’s really easy and quick to make. I decided to skip the mayo and make this pineapple coleslaw with plain yogurt. I also added some Dijon mustard, …

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Braised German Red Cabbage Recipe (Rotkohl)

This braised German Red Cabbage makes a deliciously simple side dish for almost anything. You can serve it with meat, fish, fried or poached eggs, or as a part of your veggies and grain bowl. This Rotkohl recipe is very easy to make using budget-friendly ingredients. What is Braised German Red Cabbage? Braised red cabbage …

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6 Budget Friendly Low Glycemic Foods to Get Excited About

My readers often tell me that they find it challenging to keep up with their budget and still put healthy low glycemic meals on the table. Since this subject keeps coming up, I decided to write a series of articles about different ways you can eat healthy without spending more money. I have been living …

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