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My Year of Health Vision Board Post

Is eating healthier and exercising more on your New Year’s Resolutions list?

Don’t be one of those people who forget about their good intentions by January 15th. Create your Year of Health Vision Board to help you improve your lifestyle and develop new healthy habits in 2013.

You are probably already familiar with the concept of creating vision boards and know how having a vision board can keep you focused on your goals. The Year of Health Vision Board works exactly the same, only it is dedicated to the areas of wellness, fitness and nutrition.

How to make your Year of Health Vision Board:

1. Take some time to analyze your lifestyle and your habits. Then make 2 lists: the list # 1 is called “Awesome Things I Do for My Health” and the list # 2 is called “Healthy Habits I Want”. The goal of putting together 2 lists is to make your vision board more specific to your situation and to highlight specific areas you need to improve.

2. On the list # 1, write down all the great things you already do for your health on the regular basis. For example, you work out several times a week, eat plenty of healthy fats, go for a walk with your dog every day, etc. These are the things you do almost automatically without too much effort on your part. These are your healthy habits. Be proud of them! Pat yourself on the back and keep up the good work in the New Year :) .

3. On the list # 2, write down things you know you need to improve on or do more often. For example, you know you should drink more water, so write it down on the list # 2. You also know that spending time outdoors makes you happier but you don’t take time to go outside very often. So write it down on the list # 2 as well.

4. Once you are finished with your lists, find pictures that inspire you to create healthy habits you want (see list # 2). You can do it the traditional way by cutting out pictures from magazines. Or you can also do it online. I used a very neat online photo editing tool called PicMonkey. It is really easy to use and the features you need to create a collage are free. The advantage of creating a vision board online is that you can print it out and put it in places where you would see it throughout the day. You can place it on your fridge, beside your bed, on your desk at the office etc. You can also make it to a screen saver on your computer.

Here we go – you have your own Year of Health Vision Board :) . I hope it will help you become the healthiest version of yourself this year!

If you feel like it, you can share it with me by posting it to my facebook page or , if you want to keep it private, you can email it to me to [email protected] . I would be delighted to see it :)

Are you curious how my Year of Health Vision Board looks like? Here it is:

My Year of Health_finalinframe

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